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Our Services Include but are not Limited to:
This service is offered to defend clients whose property is in foreclosure and a lis pendens has been recorded in the county records. If you have received a Summons from your Circuit Court with yours or your Spouses name, the Foreclosure process has begun. Letters, warnings, and Phone Calls from your lender are NOT Foreclosure.  You’re not in the Foreclosure process until you receive a summons from the court and you are served with court papers or a notice is published in a local newspaper. An attorney will review your case and your loan information to determine what can be done to assist you at this level, then discuss options on what you’ll eventually want to do with your property. If you will like a Short Sale negotiation, or attempt a Loan Modification; then please look at those offerings listed below. The Foreclosure Defense offering includes a court determination that the company that is Foreclosing on you is the actual legal note holder and has complied with all the requirements and conditions precedent under State Law or as ordered by the Circuit Court of your Jurisdiction. We will attend hearings and fight your foreclosure to the full extent of the law. Foreclosures are equitable matters for the Court; your case is eventually decided by a Circuit Court Judge.

We will represent you in negotiating a modification or a restructuring of your loan.  It includes an interview to fill out all required documentation and submittal of all required documents to the bank as well as following up to confirm receipt, processing and final response to attempt a loan modification of your property. NOTE: DESPITE CLAIMS BY NON-ATTORNEY COMPANIES, YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO LOWER YOUR LOAN VALUE BECAUSE OF DECLINING PROPERTY VALUES OR TO MODIFY YOUR LOAN. The best approach is to negotiate a lower monthly payment so you may be able to afford your mortgage amount.  THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY WILL MODIFY YOUR LOAN AND THEY HAVE THE SOLE RIGHT TO EITHER APPROVE OR DENY THE MODIFICATION.


We will represent you in either filing a formal court action for eviction (as a landlord) or in filing a formal response to a complaint for an eviction (as a tenant).

We will represent you in negotiating a Short Sale offer with your mortgage servicer or bank.  A short sale is the process of selling your house for less than what is owed to satisfy the mortgage. This avoids having a judgment of foreclosure entered against you and in most instances also gets any deficiency of the balance waived.  If you do not have a Realtor, we will give you options so you may hire a Realtor, or you may give us the authority to hire a Realtor on your behalf. We will take the best offer to your bank or Mortgage Company to assist you with offers made by qualified third parties for your property.  Not all Sellers or even Buyers qualify for Short Sales. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THE BANK WILL APPROVE THE SHORT SALE AND THEY HAVE THE SOLE DISCRETION TO APPROVE OR DENY THE SHORT SALE. 

We will perform title search and lien search and hold all funds in escrow, pursuant to the real-estate contract.  Our firm is a proud member of Attorney’s Title The Fund and all title will be insured by Old Republic.

This representation is generally for property owners who just want to deed back the property and receive a full release of the property and debt.  Not all homeowners qualify for a deed in lieu and therefore this option is NOT available to every borrower.

This representation is only permitted within our Foreclosure Defense services. Although Mediation will be ordered in most Foreclosure cases, it is not required and may be waived.  The judge may and in most instances will order that mediation fees paid to the mediator be split between both parties. However, mediation can be fruitful in a Foreclosure case because the bank is required to have a representative who has full settlement authority to be present at the mediation.  Several documents will be submitted prior to the mediation day and the bank may or may not modify your loan on the spot.

This representation entails general real-estate matters including transactional issues, lien issues, title inspections, drafting of documents, drafting of deeds and review of real-estate investments.
This representation is limited to the filing, scheduling, and/or attendance of an emergency motion or hearing. We will either file the ER motion or attend the hearing for a flat fee. Our representation will end immediately after the hearing. We cannot guarantee the motion/hearing will be successful, as it is at the sole discretion of the judge.  However, every measure will be taken to attain the desired outcome.

This representation entails a series of issues ranging from pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, child support and child custody.

This service entails a review of credit report, a dispute of improper accounts to the three major credit bureaus and an arrangement or settlement of payment with any creditors.

This service consists of filing either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Not everyone qualifies for a bankruptcy and income and assets will determine whether a bankruptcy is an option on a case by case basis.

This service consists of sending a demand letter pursuant to the Fair Labor Standard Act, demanding minimum wage and/or over time wages be paid.  In the event the case is promising, our firm will initiate suit in pursuit of these funds.
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